note I: special for my sayang only.. sayang please... don't laugh. note II: readers, please don't read it okay? later yalls can die/puke after read this entry -.-' like seriously, i'm so the jiwangness the karatness hookay! hahaha PEREY!! -A wish and express my feelings to my sayang..

about me

 Hiii, I'm Kay 'E, residing at Langkawi Island, working as a sale & marketing exec. Life is going great with lot of expectations, just crossing my fingers and working hard to fulfill all my dream. Just waiting for that day when my dreams will get fulfill.

Kay 'E' Personal Fact

Birth Name

Yusri Hj Ibrahim

Birth Date

February 28, 1989

Birth Place

Alor Setar, Kedah, Malaysia


5' 7"


Full of manly charm at the very first glance. i always stand by my fly and frnd  through their differnt times. the passionin my personality makes everyone around relax in an instant and bask in the warmth of my charm. people share there problems desires and hopes with me.

  • Active in games and interactions

  • Impatient and hasty

  • Ambitious

  • Influential in organizations

  • Fun to be with

  • Loves to socialize

  • Loves praises

  • Loves attention

  • Loves to be loved

  • Honest and trustworthy

  • Not pretending

  • Short tempered

  • Changing personality

  • Not egoistic

  • Takes high pride in oneself

  • Hates restrictions

  • Good sense of humor