note I: special for my sayang only.. sayang please... don't laugh. note II: readers, please don't read it okay? later yalls can die/puke after read this entry -.-' like seriously, i'm so the jiwangness the karatness hookay! hahaha PEREY!! -A wish and express my feelings to my sayang..

Friday, November 18, 2011

I need You now, Sayang !

How do I tell you and convince you that I need You to be with me now
I need my Sweetheart now
I feel so empty and lonely
everynite my heart ache and broken when You at home

Sayang, if you understand how I have been feeling now, please be mine now
I need you to give me the strength and motivation in life
How did a guy like me end up with a beauty like you?

p/s : I've always and never stop loving You. You are always in my heart . Everytime you cry a tear , my heart cries along but you will never know cause i wouldnt tell you . everytime you are hurt , im hurt too beause that is what love is for and i love you . anything , we must face it together . i wont change and i will stay with you.


  1. i need you too . and i want you to know i only have me . trust me , that will have our love more strong and happiness