note I: special for my sayang only.. sayang please... don't laugh. note II: readers, please don't read it okay? later yalls can die/puke after read this entry -.-' like seriously, i'm so the jiwangness the karatness hookay! hahaha PEREY!! -A wish and express my feelings to my sayang..

Friday, July 8, 2011

yes, i really want my Sweetheart now

Later i will meet my Sweetheart after not seeing her for 2 month..
Sweetheart, do you know that i’m always happy even just to see you?

GOD will always protect my Sweetheart
Allah is always by your side, Sweetheart
Insya Allah you will be fine

i can’t wait to meet my Sweetheart
i will kiss your forehead, your cheeks and your lips
i want to hug my Sweetheart firmly and feel her warm touch
becoz i miss my Sweetheart
i really want my Sweetheart now…

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